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The TurtleCam returns…

I picked up a cheap Raspberry Pi 2 model B a while back and decided to use it to resurrect the TurtleCam. I added on the old version Raspberry Pi 5MP camera and got a BME280 ic2 temperature / pressure / humidity sensor from AdaFruit, mixed in a little Python and WeeWx magic and boom… Instant webcam / weather station. 🙂

I’ll eventually update this post with build details but in the meantime you can check out the live feed from the TurtleCam by clicking on the image below:


The TurtleCam is unfortunately no more…

I’ve moved a few times since I had the webcam broadcasting live views of San Francisco and while I am now back in the city, my current views don’t really merit the attention. 😉

It was a blast being able to share the view and everything I needed to learn to make that happen.

Maybe one day I’ll have a nice view to share again… In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a time-lapse video of one of the last days the TurtleCam recored in San Francisco – the 2005 summer solstice!

Thanks to everyone for all the visits and feedback.

[flv:http://www.astroturtle.com/videos/turtlecam.flv http://www.astroturtle.com/videos/turtlecam.png 400 300]

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